2023 India Online Rummy Game Market Survey

2023 India Online Rummy Game Market Survey

Now that June is here and 2024 is already halfway through, we’ve observed that many industries in India have released market research data, including the gaming industry.

We have specifically compiled the 2023 market survey data for Rummy games.

Online Rummy vs. Traditional Rummy

In the mobile internet era, most people choose to play online Rummy games on their phones. Here, we categorize PC Rummy as traditional Rummy, making the ratio 85% to 15%. Moreover, the proportion of offline Rummy is very low, and those who choose offline Rummy do so mainly as a social tool. This means that out of an average of 100 Rummy players you encounter, 90 play Rummy on their phones, while only 10 use other methods.

Number of Users and Gender Ratio

The total number of online Rummy players on mobile phones is approximately 80 million, a significant increase from 2022. Men still dominate, making up about 70% of players. This percentage has decreased compared to 2022, as a large number of women have joined. There are approximately 24 million female online Rummy players in India, accounting for 30%, which is unexpected for many. This outcome may be due to rapid economic development in India in 2023, resulting in increased wealth and more leisure time for many women, leading them to choose Rummy as aa casual social game.

Market Share of Rummy Variants

India’s vast land area and a population exceeding 1.4 billion, the largest in the world, with complex geographical diversity across regions, have led to significant language differences and diverse customs and cultures. Consequently, there are many variants of Rummy games, though the basic rules are similar. The market share of various variants is as follows:

  • Points Rummy: 40%
  • Deals Rummy: 30%
  • Pool Rummy: 20%
  • Other variants (such as Gin Rummy): 10%

Proportion of Different Gameplay Variants

Due to the rapid growth of the Rummy game market, the number of gaming companies is also increasing. To attract customers, these companies have been creative, developing various new Rummy gameplay styles and incorporating other games into Rummy apps, such as Teen Patti, slot machines, and Baccarat. However, Rummy remains the most popular, with Points Rummy accounting for 50% of total game time, followed by Deals Rummy at 30%, and Pool Rummy at 20%. The remaining 10% consists of other variants and innovative gameplay styles.!

Recharge Data

Although Rummy is an entertainment game, it also involves a significant amount of betting, and gaming companies aim to profit, ultimately hoping players will spend more rupees in the game. As the world’s third-largest gaming market, India’s average monthly recharge amount per active user is between 500 to 1000 INR, roughly 6 to 12 USD at the latest exchange rates, an increase from 2022. Furthermore, high-value players with stronger financial power invest more money in game, with some player recharging over 10,000 INR per month, exceeding the average monthly income of most Indians. This data surpasses that of 2022 and is still rising. We predict that the Indian gaming market will reach a scale of 1.5 billion USD in 2024.

Based on the above data, we can conclude that as India’s national economy develops, Indians are becoming wealthier, spending more time and money on games. With the rapid development of mobile internet, Rummy will continue to grow in popularity. Therefore, players are encouraged to quickly improve their game skills, practice diligently, and enhance their game levels to achieve higher winning rates and better cash rewards when competing with more Rummy players!

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