5 Reasons Why Online Rummy Games Are More Popular Than Board Games

5 Reasons Why Online Rummy Games Are More Popular Than Board Games

As an Indian, if you were born in the 80s, you may still remember that as a child, what you looked forward to most every day was playing board games like chess, dominoes, etc. Some people also liked to play rummy or teen patti. However, with the advancement of technology and the rapid development of the mobile Internet, it seems that everyone has stopped playing board games overnight. So what exactly is the reason why online games are more popular, especially online Rummy has become popular all over India, and almost everyone plays it..

I think this is a gradual change that started with Jobs’ invention of the iPhone. Since then, mobile smartphones have become almost a must-have for everyone, and mobile phones have become an extension of the body. And the mobile Internet has changed our living habits, and online games have more rich gameplay, it is no longer the simple offline Royally Rummy game mode of picking cards, discarding cards, and declaring..

Here are the reasons why people prefer to play online Rummy games on their phones:

1. Play anytime, anywhere

Whether you are in a dormitory, company, bus, or using a mobile phone or tablet, you can play online Rummy games anytime, anywhere. This was unimaginable in the past. Offline Rummy was very troublesome in the past. You need to call your friends first and make an appointment with them to play Rummy games at a certain place. And your friends may not have time, so generally there is only a chance to get together to play Rummy games on holidays. Now, these worries are gone, you can even play online Rummy with strangers from all over India through social networks!~

2. Online games are hard to cheat

We all know that there are often cheating players in casinos. They may use magic or other means to cheat in card games, and ordinary people cannot identify these scams with their eyes. So when playing offline Rummy, if we meet strangers, we will have a strong sense of insecurity, we are not sure whether our opponents have magic tricks. But now you don’t have to worry at all when playing online Rummy, because the game developers have excluded cheaters,/ and the current games all use end-to-end encryption, and any traditional cheating methods have become invalid.

3. Easy and convenient to play cards

Do you still remember the scene when you played card games or board games when you were a child? Usually one person organizes or deals cards, and others sit by and wait for a long time. If you finish a game, you need someone with good math skills to calculate the wins and losses of each game, and finally each person needs to pay their own money to the winning player. Now, online Rummy is not so troublesome anymore. The system will complete all the processes for you, which is very simple and convenient. You no longer need to waste time on sorting cards, dealing cards, and settling these unnecessary things. Now you only need to focus on one thing, that is to calm down and analyze the game and make the right decision, you will no longer be distracted~!

4. Diverse game types

I’m not sure how much money can keep playing a board game, but the ratio is definitely not much. Because when you are a novice, you will feel fresh when you go to play board games, but when you play more than 10 games, you will feel bored. The same is true for Rummy games, so game developers will add other gameplays to the game to solve this problem, such as 100 people Rummy, baccarat, slot machines, guessing the size, etc. If you feel bored when playing online Rummy Hero, you can try other exciting games, which will keep you fresh at all times.

5. Newbie benefits

One of the main reasons why many games are eliminated is due to player churn. Because no one wants to play the same game all the time, they will give up when they get tired of it. However, some novice players are unable to quickly master the game due to their lack of game experience. They always fail in the game and cannot find their own sense of accomplishment, so they will naturally give up the game. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, Royally Rummy has set up a novice training mechanism for novice players to ensure that novice players can quickly master the basic rules of the game. And the system will also match novice players to the same game room, so that everyone is on the same starting line, and even novice players can also gain a sense of accomplishment.

Therefore, if a game disappears, there must be some unsolvable problems. The biggest problem with board games is that they are not friendly to novices. And in the era of mobile Internet, fast-paced life, work, and entertainment are the mainstream methods.

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