How to Play Online Teen Patti for Beginners?

How to Play Online Teen Patti for Beginners?

As more and more newcomers join Teen Patti, especially in India, this game has become the most popular online game among young people.However, this brings a challenge: many beginners don’t know how to play TeenPatti well and might lose money if luck isn’t on their side, leading to  loss of confidence in the game.

Thus,we’ve compiled this guide to help new players smoothly transition from beginners to experts and earn their cash rewards. If new player are willing to learn, this game can guarantee endless fun and even the possibility of making money by playing online Teen Patti!

How Do We Play Teen Patti Well?

Understanding the Basic Rules

First, we need to understand the basic rules of Teen Patti. This game can be played with 3-6 player and uses a standard deck of 52 card, Excluding jokers. Before the game starts, each player must place a certain amount of ante. Then, each player receives three face-down cards, and the goal is to compare the hands with opponents, with the highest-ranking hand winning the pot.

Card Rankings

Next, it’s crucial to understand the ranking of the cards in Teen Patti. The Ace is the highest card, followed by King, Queen, Jack, 10, and so on, down to 2 being the lowest. The best hand is AAA, and the lowest is 2-3-5..

You might already be familiar with the basic gameplay since these rules are similar to other card games. However, note that in Teen Patti, players cannot look at their cards.If you do see your cards, you must bet double compared to those who haven’t seen theirs.

Hand Rankings

Then, we need know ranking of all possible hands, in descending order of strength:

1. Trail (Three of a Kind)

The strongest hand in Teen Patti is three of a kind, also known as a trio. This means having three cards of same rank. For instance, three 2s make a trail. If opponents also have a trail, the hand with higher-ranking cards wins, with AAA being the highest and 222 the lowest.

2. Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)

A sequence of three consecutive cards of the same suit. For example, 4-5-6 of diamonds is a pure sequence. While rarer than a trail, a trail is generally considered stronger in most versions of the game. If you have a pure sequence, bet strategically to maximize your winnings without scaring off opponents.

3. Sequence (Straight)

Three consecutive cards not all of the same suit. For example, 7-8-9 with mixed suits../ The highest sequence is QKA, and the lowest is 2-3-4.

4. Color (Flush)

Three cards of the same suit, not in sequence. The strength is determined by the highest card, then the second highest, and so on. If the cards are identical, the suit decides winner, with spades being the highest, followed by hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

5. Pair (Two of a Kind)

Two cards of the same rank and one different card. The higher pair wins. If pairs are equal, the third card determines the winner. The smallest pair is 2-2-3, and the largest is A-A-K.

6. High Card

If none of the above hands are made, the highest card wins. If tied, the second-highest, and then the third-highest card is compared.

Betting Process

Understanding the betting rules are essential for learning practical skills of playing online Teen Patti. Knowinng how to bet can help avoid unnecessary risks when your cards are weak and maximize benefits when your cards are strong. Here’s a detailed introduction to the betting rules:

Playing Blind

This refers to placing the ante before the game starts. The amount is usually fixed and varies by game room. Players place a blind bet without looking at their cards.Once the cards are viewed, the blind bet is no longer valid..’

Playing Seen

After looking at their cards, players place a seen bet, which is double the blind bet. This is riskier as it increases your spending and lowers your profit ratio.


If the last two players neither reveal nor fold, the pot is split between them. This is also known as a draw in some platforms.


At the end of the game,if only two players remain, one can request to show cards to compare. This requires placing a bet, and the opponent must match it. If they’re playing blind, they can call; if they’ve seen their cards, they must pay double.


These are the basic rules and strategies for playing Teen Patti Joy well. We advocate for player to grow through practice, So we recommend five high-quality Teen Patti apps you can download And try out:

Teen Patti King
Teen Patti Sweet
Teen Patti Vungo
Teen Patti Lotus
teen patti glory

Teen Patti Hack


Enjoy your game and good luck!

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