Is Yono Rummy Real or Fake?

Put down that Yono Rummy game you’re playing right now because it might be a scam!

On September 2, 2022, a Youtuber named Digital Share uploaded a video revealing that he was playing a fake Rummy game. He said when exposing the scam game, “Friends, here comes the new scam. The level of cheating is beyond your imagination.” If you want to see what he has to say, you can go to his Youtube channel: Fake Rummy Apps

Although Digital Share has told everyone to be careful of these fake Rummy games, he has not told you how they scam, so here we will explain the whole scam to you.

First of all, you need to understand what Yono Rummy is and how to download the correct Yono Rummy APK installation file.

Is Yono Rummy Real or Fake?

Real Yono Rummy Game is a vertical Rummy game platform developed by Yono Tech Private Limited. How to confirm the developer’s name? You can check the bottom of the page when you start the game. If you cannot find the correct company name, then the game you are playing is probably fake.

Or you can check if the Yono Rummy WhatsApps and Telegram channels are official channels:

WhatsApps: Yono Rummy(Number of fans: 230,000)

Feature 1: Portrait Game

Is Yono Rummy Real or Fake?

That’s right, Yono Rummy is one of the few portrait games on the market, which is the biggest feature of this game. Since the Rummy card game is to form the corresponding sequence of cards in your hand, this means that you will have 10-14 cards in your hand. So, in general, game developers will design the mobile interface in landscape mode, which is convenient for players to view the card type and game operation. Yono Rummy has found a reasonable solution, which is to ensure the game operation experience while perfectly displaying 14 cards. So, if you are playing a landscape game, it is obviously a fake Yono Rummy.

Feature 2: Withdrawal Speed

Is Yono Rummy Real or Fake?

Yono Rummy has been operating in India for nearly 10 years and is a very mature game platform. Therefore, in order to improve the player’s game experience, Yono Tech Private Limited has shortened the withdrawal process to the best time. In general, your withdrawal request will be reviewed within 10 minutes. If the review is passed, the game company will submit your order to the bank and complete the payment, usually within 30 minutes. So, you smart people should have thought of it, if the withdrawal time of a game exceeds 30 minutes, then you may be playing a fake Yono Rummy, you need to uninstall it as soon as possible and download the real Yono Rummy.

Feature 3: 60-70 Games

Is Yono Rummy Real or Fake?

The biggest feature of Yono Rummy is that it has a large number of game types, including not only traditional Rummy/Teen Patti/ludo/slots/ etc. games, but also more than 70 games such as jet, horse racing, baccarat, minesweeper, etc. And, all of these games are in portrait mode, which means you can play all the games with one hand, you can even play this game with one hand while riding the bus, taking the elevator, going to the toilet, or even sleeping. This is simply the best benefit for game masters.

Yono has many other unique game features that other game manufacturers don’t have, so as long as you observe carefully, you won’t be deceived. If you really can’t tell the difference between real and fake, then you can bookmark this webpage to your browser, or you can remember the game platform [], which is a platform that specifically provides authentic Rummy or Teen patti game apps. There are no scam games here, and all apk installation files are directly from the game manufacturer, you can download them with confidence.

Okay, finally I hope all rummy players in India are not deceived, if you want to experience the real Yono Rummy, download it now!

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