Rummy Club

Min withdrawal Rs.100

About Rummy Club

Rummy Club APK Download: Get Rs. 100 Cash Bonus Withdraw Now

Rummy Club APK Download: Get Rs. 100 Cash Bonus Withdraw Now

Rummy Club APK Download: Get Rs. 100 Cash Bonus Withdraw Now

Rummy Club APK Download: Get Rs. 100 Cash Bonus Withdraw Now

Rummy Club APK Download: Get Rs. 100 Cash Bonus Withdraw Now

Rummy Club is a Rummy game platform developed specifically for offline social relationships. Its game setup relies on acquaintances among offline friends, generally avoiding matching with strangers, thus positioning itself as a club. In terms of gameplay, it includes traditional Rummy as well as other real-money games like Teen Patti, slot machines, baccarat, horse racing, and other casino games.

Features of Rummy Club

We all know that traditional online Rummy games are based on big data matching, where you can be matched with players of similar skill levels based on your financial situation and past performance, ensuring a certain level of fairness. However, the drawbacks of traditional Rummy platforms are apparent, as other players can masquerade as beginners to win matches unfairly, which is unfair to novice players. Rummy Club matches games based on a social system, ensuring fairness as you are familiar with the circumstances of your opponents.

How does Rummy Club establish social relationships?

Unlike traditional Rummy games, Rummy Club requires you to share the game with acquaintances around you, such as classmates, colleagues, relatives, or even Facebook contacts. If your friends are interested in the game and download it via the shared link to register, we will automatically establish bound social relationships for you. Your contacts in the game will then include a new group of friends, including their Facebook account names, phone numbers, location information, etc.

How to set up a game in Rummy Club?

Similar to regular Rummy games, Rummy Club requires you to assess your financial strength first. We do not recommend blindly increasing the stakes, as Rummy games primarily focus on skill, and we do not endorse gambling behavior. Then you need to determine the number of opponents you prefer; some people like one-on-one games, while others prefer multiplayer games. Rummy Club offers you the choice, entirely depending on your interests. Once your preferences are set, we will prioritize inviting matches from your contacts. If there are no responses, we will invite other players from the entire platform system. The prerequisite is that these players are all real people; we strictly prohibit bots from joining the game to maintain fairness.

How can you earn through Rummy Club?

This depends on four aspects: winning games, commissions, participating in activities, and advertising revenue.

1. Winning games

As the name suggests, you need to win matches to earn Bmoney, which can then be withdrawn to your bank account. The process from application to receiving your money generally takes no more than 24 hours.

2. Earning commissions

Rummy Club has established a unique referral system. For example, by sharing on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., after establishing a bound relationship, if your friends make a recharge, you can earn a commission of 10-40%, with higher recharges leading to higher commissions. Or if you invite enough friends, for example, if one friend earns you 10 rupees, with 1000 friends you can earn 10,000 rupees in commission.

3. Participating in in-game activities

For example, traditional Indian festivals, weekly activities, weekend activities, daily login activities, as long as you participate in the game’s activities promptly, we can ensure you satisfactory earnings. These earnings include cash chips, game points, and even phone credit. The latest game activities will be based on in-game content.

4. Advertising revenue

We may set up advertisements in certain scenes of the game. If you watch the full advertisement, we may reward you with a certain amount of ad revenue. For example, sharing ads from other games, shopping ads, car ads, etc. If you watch or even click on the ad link, your earnings will be higher, and these earnings will also be distributed in the form of game chips.

In summary, Rummy Club is an easy way to make money. Whether you are proficient in Rummy game skills or not, you can earn commissions or rewards in a way that suits you.


We hope you seize this opportunity to make money, as this game will not affect your standard of living; it only requires your time investment.

Now, click the download button below to immediately receive a reward of 100 rupees. Take action now, friends!