Min withdrawal Rs.100

About Yono Rummy


Yono Rummy is a trusted online real money gaming portal in India, established for over a decade as of 2024, and it’s the most popular platform among Rummy card game enthusiasts nationwide. Developed and operated by Yono Tech Private Limited, Yono Rummy is dedicated to creating the best online Rummy community in India.

Game Features


1) Vertical Gaming: Yono Rummy pioneered vertical card gaming in India, developed with the latest gaming engine for exquisite graphics and exceptional gaming experience.
2) Variety of Games: Yono Rummy offers the highest number of games on the web, with a range including Card, Slots, Jet, Multipplayer, and more.
3) Diverse Earning Opportunities: You can earn money through game victories, referring friends, and other methods.

Gameplay Introduction

1) Slots (42)


Yono Rummy platform offers 42 types of Slots games, with popular ones like Super 777 and Zeus. Despite the apparent variety, Slots games have similar rules, differing mainly in the objects in each grid and their winning probabilities. Here are the 42 specific Slots game types:
[Super777/Zeus3/Zeus2/Zeus1/Golo/Power Of The Kraken/Games2 Fortune/ Games1 Fortune/Crazy777/Monet Coming/Super Ace/Fortune wheel/Fortune Tiger/Diamond777/Go Go Fishing/King Wgaroo/Fortune OX/Aroueiro/Franken Cash/Rising Medusa/Magic Wizards/Games3 Ortune/Gandy Rush/Games4 Ortune/ Games5 Ortune / Gandy Rush 2/ Gandy Rush 1/Bone Fortune/Jurassic Kingdom/Money Mania/Double Nuggets/Safari Princess/Gorgeous Cleopatra/Lamp if Aladdin/Jade Mpress/Money Bolt Duo/Franken 777/Bingo7/007]

2) Jet (9)


Jet is a predictive betting game on rocket launch and explosion events. Players bet within a timeframe before liftoff, and if the rocket explodes at the exact time of the bet, they win corresponding bonuses. Yono Rummy offers 9 Jet games, each with different rocket types but similar rules. Here are the specific Jet game names:
[Auiator/ Auiator 2/ Auiator X/Crash/ Crash X/Cricket X/Jet X/Zeppelin/Cappadocia]

3) Card (9)


Including 9 gameplay types, these card games have similar rules to those on other gaming platforms. For instance, Andar Bahar follows a sequence of dealing cards in blue and red regions, where the first to reveal the public card wins with corresponding odds. Teen Patti and Rummy are the two most popular games on advanced Yono Rummy, with all players being real, no bots, ensuring a fair play experience.

Regarding the issue of yono rummy dragon vs tiger tricks that most players are currently concerned about, no official explanation has been given. However, we have speculated by contacting senior players that the probability of the tiger winning is higher than that of the dragon. This may be related to the Indian worship of the Bengal tiger. related.

[Andar Bahar/Dragon VS Tiger/Hilo/Baccarat/Blackjack/Domino/Ludo/Teen Patti/Rummy]

4) Multipplayer (11)


Yono Rummy offers 11 Multipplayer games like Mines and 7Up Down, which are guessing games requiring advance bets before revealing results. Luck is more critical than gaming skills in these games. If you’re feeling lucky, you can challenge these 11 games. Here are the 11 Multipplayer game names:
[Mines/7Up Down/Roulette/Horse Racing/Keno/Pi Plinko/Limbo Rider/Dice/Double Roll/Coin/Triple]

Deposit Rules


1) 1st Deposit Bonus

Recharge Rs to get cash and rewards, with Rs 50 selected by default for the first time.
a) Recharge 10 Rs to get 10 Cash + 1 Bonus;
b) Recharge 50 Rs to get 50 Cash + 5.5 Bonus;
c) Recharge 100 Rs to get 100 Cash + 12 Bonus;
d) Recharge 500 Rs to get 500 Cash + 70 Bonus;
e) Recharge 1,000 Rs to get 1,000 Cash + 150 Bonus;
f) Recharge 5,000 Rs to get 5,000 Cash + 800 Bonus;
g) Recharge 10,000 Rs to get 10,000 Cash + 2000 Bonus;
h) Recharge 50,000 Rs to get 50,000 Cash + 15,000 Bonus.

2) Deposit

Recharge via UPI channel.
Recharge options: 20/50/100/200/500…5,000/8,000/30,000/50,000
Payment methods: Paytm/Gpay/PhonePe/UPI

Yono Rummy Withdrawal Problem


Prerequisites for withdrawal application: 1. Bind your mobile number; 2. Verify your bank account.
1) The name on your bank proof must match the name you used to verify your mobile number.
2) Accepted documents: bank passbook, cheque, or bank statement containing your name, bank account number, IFSC, and branch details.
3) Users are not permitted to verify NRE bank accounts, payment banks, virtual banks, and any other finance bank accounts, including: PAYTM BANK, AIRTEL BANK, RATNAKAR BANK LIMITED, EQUITAS SMALL FINANCE BANK.
Withdrawal Process: 1) Apply for withdrawal; 2) Approval by customer service; 3) Submit payment request to the bank; 4) Receive transfer; 5) Complete.

Yono Rummy Promotional Rules

1) Promo: Channel Promo code/Betting cashback/VIP Bonus/7Days card cashback 20%/Leaderboard/Daily Task Bonus/Refer & Earn bonus/Mystery Bonus
2) Login: 1Day/2Day/3Day/4Day/5Day/6Day/7Day
3. Betting cashback:
[Details about Betting Cashback omitted for brevity]
4) Task: If your daily betting reaches a certain amount, you can receive a reward. For example, if your recharge today reaches 200 Rs, you can get a 1 Rs bonus. If today’s recharge reaches 200,000 Rs, you can get a 1000 Rs bonus. Completing various simple tasks can earn you rewards, with something suitable for everyone.

According to official statistics, on average each super player can receive yono rummy 18k cash rewards every month!

The highest welfare activity is undoubtedly yono rummy grand jackpot


This is a high-profile event play. Its general game rules are that whenever you place a bet on a popular game, a certain percentage of the bet amount will be calculated to the jackpot score. When the jackpot draws a special number, the bonus will be distributed according to the score ranking of each participating player.
Unfortunately, most players cannot participate in the grand jackpot, because this feature cannot be displayed for most users, and the system prompts “Coming Soon”. However, according to feedback from super players, this feature is in the internal testing phase and is only available to some super players. That is to say, when your number of game rounds or your recharge amount reaches a certain value, you may be able to participate in yono rummy grand jackpot Win and get a certain bonus!

Earning Rules

Yono Rummy adopts a multi-level agent marketing model. For example: Player A can invite their friend B to join the game, and then B invites C to join. When B and C place bets or recharge in the game, Player A can receive up to 60% commission rebates.
Specific rules are detailed in the following diagram. You can view all subordinate players under your name, along with their recharge and betting data, and the commission data you can receive. The commissions can be withdrawn directly as cash or used for betting in games.

Yono Rummy Register

Yono Rummy can use the mobile phone number in India and the quick login method for tourists. For individual channels, it can support Facebook login. This is to ensure the uniformity of account management and ensure the security of the account. At present, most Rummy Apps use mobile phone numbers to log in, which has cultivated good habits among Indian players.

Yono Rummy Social Networks


About installation files

This is not the yono rummy mod apk installation file, because this game has been online for many years, and the old version apk cannot be started and logged in, so currently only the genuine apk installation package can be found. Some installation apk files claiming to be Yono Rummy 2 are not trustworthy .

Yono Rummy is real or fake?

This Yono Rummy APK is of course real, because it is the official channel of direct agency. You can search all the information of this channel through google and facebook. The apk files downloaded through teenpatti-apps.com are all official app installation files.

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